Ocean Village and How It All Started

An Early image of Southampton Docks

An Early image of Southampton Docks

Ocean Village wasn’t always the exciting marina it is today, surrounded by a wealth of restaurants, cinemas, bars and homes. Strolling around Ocean Village looking at all that is on offer today, you may have occasionally paused for a moment and pondered how all of this came about. If you have then hopefully we can provide the answer and share with you the fascinating history of Ocean Village Marina. A place, it might surprise you to learn, that has played a key role in the development of both Southampton as a major city and Britain as a trading nation.

Whether you live, work, sail at or visit Ocean Village we hope to open your eyes to a fascinating and interesting past. Read our Ocean Village history page to discover how it all began, what was once here before the Ocean Village Marina we know today and find out what remains of the past. After reading this you can wander around the marina and think of what was once here. Imagine the countless people that have journeyed though, the army of workers once employed in the docks and the vast amounts of cargo that has come and gone. You will never look at Ocean Village in the same way again.


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