Titanic Walking Tour of Southampton
How to get to Ocean Village

Self-Guided Walks

This part of Southampton is rich in history, places to visit and things to see. Aside from the many attractions of Ocean Village Marina and the immediate neighbourhood there’s still so much more to see and do. The problem is that, in exploring the local area on foot, unless you know where to walk and what to look at, you may not get the most from your trip. What you really need is a tour guide. While we can’t physically join you we can instead provide you with some self-guided walks which start out from, and return to Ocean Village Marina. If you’re thinking of visiting Ocean Village then, after enjoying the marina for a while, why not take off on a self-guided walk before returning here for a meal or drink prior to heading home? And if you live or work at Ocean Village then you may well find that there’s still plenty left to discover right under your feet.

We hope that that you will find these guides entertaining and informative. We’d certainly be a little surprised if you didn’t learn a few things on your travels.

The Titanic in SouthamptonTitanic Self-Guided Walk

Southampton has become synonymous with the Titanic and with good reason. The ill-fated ship set sail from here on 10th April 1912 with 2,223 people on board. Of the 1,517 that lost their lives, more than a third, 549 of them, were from Southampton.

The Southampton waterfront has many connections to the Titanic and in this self-guided tour we hope to show you some of these and to provide you with some interesting information along the way.

This walk should take you approximately two to three hours to complete going at a fairly leisurely pace. So go ahead, put on some comfortable shoes and let us set out and explore the enduring link between Southampton and the Titanic.

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