Titanic Walking Tour of Southampton
How to get to Ocean Village

Organised Tours

When you’ve finished exploring Ocean Village and the surrounding areas on a pleasure cruise, ferry or boat trip, here are some land based tours you might also like to consider.

Sea the City Bus Tour

Sea the City BusTake the bus and explore. The Sea City bus takes you around both the city and the docks. This bus tour is especially worthwhile as the bus company have negotiated access to much of the docks which are ordinarily off limits to the public. This allows you to get up close to one or more cruise ships and possibly the the QM2 Ocean Liner. In addition you will see the historic graving dock and cargo port. The King George V graving dock was for many years the largest in the world.

During the tour you will also get to hear of the famous people of Southampton and the history of the Spitfire fighter plane, so critical to the defence of the UK during World War II.

This is a great 90 minute tour and if you like you can hop on and off to explore and rejoin the bus when it next passes through.

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There are numerous pickup points dotted across the city including one at Ocean Village. Note that this service is provided between 14th May and 4th September 2011. For further details take a look at the Xelabus website.