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Independence of the Seas at City Cruise Terminal

Independence of the Seas at City Cruise Terminal

No visit to Southampton would be complete without taking the opportunity to see a cruise ship. The number of cruise ships coming in and out of Southampton is increasing with each passing year so there’s usually at least one in town. Many of the new ships are significantly larger than their predecessors, carrying in excess of a thousand passengers – in some cases in excess of 4,000 – and they truly dominate the skyline. It is great fun to view the ships and to watch them leave.

So what ship is in when, and where will it be berthed? Thankfully ABP (Associated British Ports) provide a cruise ship schedule which can be viewed below.

There are actually four different cruise ships terminals in Southampton and the best place to see particular ships will depend on where they are berthed. In essence there are two docks used by the cruise ships, the Western Docks and the Eastern Docks. The ABP maps below will show you which berths are in which dock and where they are located. In essence berth numbers less than a hundred are in the Eastern Docks and those between one and two hundred are in the Western Docks.

  • Ocean Cruise Terminal – Berth 46 in the Eastern Docks, accessed from Dock Gate 4
  • Queen Elizabeth 2 Terminal – Berth 38/39 in the Eastern Docks, accessed from Dock Gate 4
  • Mayflower Cruise Terminal – Berth 106 in the Western Docks, accessed from Dock Gate 10
  • City Cruise Terminal – Berth 101 in the Western Docks, accessed from Dock Gate 10

Unfortunately you cannot generally go into the docks to view the ships (unless of course you happen to be travelling on one). However that is usually not a problem. To see the cruise ships in the Eastern Docks you can usually get great views from Ocean Village, Queens Park or the Town Quay.

To view the ships in the Western Docks you can visit both the Town Quay and, to get even closer, Mayflower Park. In Mayflower Park, if the weather is good enough, you can get yourself an ice cream and watch as they all start to depart from around 4:00pm onwards. Listen for the horns as they usually sound prior to departure.

An alternative, and another great way to view the cruise ships, is to view them from the water. To do this you can take a harbour cruise from Blue Funnel or take a trip on either the Hythe or Isle of Wight ferries.

Ships due in Southampton over the next few days

To find out more or to look further into the future please visit the Cruise Southampton website.

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Photos of Cruise Ships in Southampton

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